Scientific: We follow the most logical and scientific approach – The 4 steps theory, We gird your to scale layout of your house in 16 Vastu direction, Understand your concerns, match your symptoms with the layout and provide your Solutions.
Solutions: Our solutions and remedies rarely suggest structural changes and demolitions. We give simple, practical and workable solutions.
Follow Up: We have a follow up system, where we get back to our clients after stipulated time frame to get their feedback on the work done
Clients Isssue: Prime importance is given to understanding the clients requirement. We understand the client issues and Astro – Vastu suggestion are given to solve them
To – Scale Layout: Vastu without To-scale layout is like doing diagnosis without holding the pulse. We work only with To-scale layout of clients property to pin point the exact pain area.
Symptom Matching: Best and easy solutions can be provided once areas where channeling or growth is required are known. To-scale layout ensures what is being said is visible in the property layout and accordingly precise solutions are provided.
Practical Solution: We believe in cost effective, simple and workable solutions without demolitions to once property. Our solutions are simple yet effective which can be as simple as changing curtains, shifting dustbins, etc