Child Astrological Services

This Section is specifically designed for people who are looking for Astrological guidance regarding Child’s birth, progeny related matters, conception, and to know their child’s future, education, health etc.

Ask a specific Question about Children/Child Birth

If you have any pertinent and burning wish to get the answer of your question like child birth, when I will conceive, any question on your child’s education etc, Will my pregnancy be smooth . All these questions and other specific questions you may have related to children or child birth will be answered in this option. ( In this option even if you do not have your birth details the answer for the same is determinable using ancient and Unique system of Horary Astrology method ).

Progeny Prospects Report

Progeny Prospects Report is a report for individuals, who are determined and curious to know about their Progeny prospects ahead. This Report covers your prospects in the coming year in connection with Progeny. You can ask your pertinent question(s) in this report and the same will be answered and covered in the report.

Progeny Report

This is the most comprehensive Report regarding Progeny. If you are planning for child birth . If you are experiencing delays in child birth. All the answers will be given after thoroughly checking your horoscope. The Report will give you most favorable periods for planning for the conception. This report covers all aspects for people who are looking to start their family and plan for the conception of their child. This report covers all possible and pertinent questions about Progeny along with potent remedial measures.

Child Astrology Report

If you are worried and concerned about formative and young years of your child, then this is a complete comprehensive report for you. This Child Horoscope Report would provide you complete analysis , predictions about your child’s health, education and timing of start of the Career of your child. Any specific questions you may have will be answered and included in the report to give you complete customized report as per your needs. Remedies would also be given and suggested as per the needs of the Chart and planetary positions.

Correct Gem Consultancy for Child Birth

Gem stones increase the positive effects of the benefic planets. This Gem Consultancy Report will suggest you which stone(s) is best and most benefic for aiding in Child Birth and also helping you in sustaining the nine months of Pregnancy.

Life Predictions Report stressing on Child Birth/Progeny related issues

Child Birth is one of the most important aspect of your life in initial years, but why stop on Child Birth and Progeny only, when you have a complete comprehensive report which is unmatched anywhere. Manjunath Guruji will analyze and check all aspects of your Horoscope and would prepare this report , which will not only cover your progeny aspects, but will also cover other life aspects such as Health, Traveling, Career, Finance, Property, Education etc. You can ask Manjunath Guruji to put more emphasis on your Progeny related matters in the report and it will be taken care of. You can ask all the relevant specific questions you may have in this report and all will be answered.

Remedial Consultancy Report for Child Birth

This is the Report for all of your child birth related issues and problems and also to sustain the pregnancy period. There are some very effective and time tested remedial measures in vogue in Vedic Astrology since thousands of years. You can make use of these remedies and bring about happiness of having your own child in your life.

Best Pujas & Hawans for success in Progeny related issues

Most recommended Homam to be performed for getting the benefits regarding child birth/conception etc is Santan Gopalam Homam. Other related Homams are : Janam Divas Puja , Ganapathy Homam , Saraswati Homam , Mercury Puja

Yantras for improving your chances in progeny

The most potent and effective Yantra available for Child Birth is Santan Gopalam Yantra. This yantra is a boon for couples , who are experiencing delays in child birth or having to endure the repeated miscarriage. You should keep this Yantra in your house and pray daily to Lord Krishna. This Yantra is energized and made powerful before it is shipped to the clients.