Health Astrology Services

Are you experiencing health related problems & issues and are stressed about it ? There is no need to lose your sleep over it , as now you can get a professional consultation in the form Astrological Services in which you’d be able to know all about your health issues and how you can overcome them with the help of expert guidance of Manjunath Guruji your own trusted Astrologer.

Ask a specific Question about your Health & Wellness

Are you having any questions regarding your health? : If you have any burning pertinent questions about your health and related issues , then this service is just the service you would like to have and the same would help you getting the expert and correct astrological guidance in the form of answer to your question. Questions like When will I overcome my present illness? Why I fall sick periodically? And many more related questions which you may ask in this service. Potent and effective time tested remedies are also suggested in the answer given. ( In this option even if you do not have your birth details the answer for the same is determinable using ancient and Unique system of Horary Astrology method ).

Health Prospects Report

Health Prospects Report will discuss your health prospects for the coming one year and any pertinent and related question to your health will be taken up and answered in this report. Report will give expert predictions using effects of transits on your health during the year. Effective remedial measures will be suggested to overcome any health issues you may have at present or which are indicated during the year from your chart.

Health Report

This Report covers your health for 10-15 years and will forewarn about any health issues you may have in the coming 10-15 years. If you are suffering from any ailment , then you’d be given outline of as to when you’d be able to recover from your illness. Periods where you need to be careful about your health will be mentioned. Appropriate diet inclusion where ever necessary will be mentioned. Effective remedial course of action will be suggested and included in this Report.

Gem Consultancy Report for Health

Correct Gemstones are effective way to help you overcome your health issues and thereby increasing your chances of recovery from illness and diseases. Opt for this Report to know the best gemstones to wear for warding off ill effects of diseases and malefic effects of planets

Life Predictions Report stressing on Health aspects

Health is one of the most important aspect of your life, but why stop on Health only , when you have a complete comprehensive report which is unmatched anywhere. Manjunath Guruji will analyze and check all aspects of your Horoscope and would prepare this report , which will not only cover Health, but will also cover other life aspects such as Health, Traveling, Health, Finance, Property, Education etc. You can ask Manjunath Guruji to put more emphasis on Health in the report and it will be taken care of. You can ask all the relevant specific questions you may have in this report and all will be answered.

Remedial Consultancy Report for Health and related issues

Are you facing health related problems & issues which are giving you stress? The you are advised to opt for our Remedial Report taking help of the effective vedic remedies which we will suggest you. These remedies are going to be most helpful for you to overcome and dilute the negative impact of planetary combinations present in your chart and at the same time enhance the positive effects of the benefic planets.

Best Pujas & Hawans for overcoming Health related issues

Best and most popular Hawan for Health improvement and wellness Ayusha Homam : This homam is performed to worship and appease the God of life (Ayur Devta ). By performing this homam, one gets long life blessings from Ayur Devta ( Lord Ayur). It is specifically performed to increase longevity and good health of the person for whom this is performed. Other related Homams are : Mrityunjaya Homam , Ganapathy Homam , Hanuman Puja , Navagraha Homam

Yantras for improving your Health & Wellness :

The most beneficial and potent Yantra for getting desired results in Education and to perform strongly in competitive examinations is Saraswati Yantra. The divine blessings of Goddess Saraswati are must when you wish to succeed in educational activities. By worshipping this Yantra you could get the desired help to succeed in your educational efforts. This Yantra is energized and made powerful before it is shipped to the clients.

Yantras for improving your Health & Finance

Very strong and Potent and effective Yantras for improving your Health & Finance are: Sarv Karyasidhi Yantra , Subhlabh Yantra , Vyapar Vridhi Yantra