This means, medicine, mantra and gemstone reduce the malefic effects of inauspicious planets and nakshatras and enhance one’s luck. But all these remedial measures are effective only when the time is favorable. Otherwise, they won’t. How to select a remedy? This is also an important question. In Indian astrology main remedies include mantra, tantra , yantra, gemstones, rudraksha, yagya, rosary etc. Out of these, if remedy is performed with full faith and devotion, one can overcome the complicated situation. The first and easiest remedy is to worship your Isht Dev or Devi (God & Goddess) or to worship those deities who can reduce the malefic impact of negative planets in the kundli .

For example-

These deities should be worshipped by chanting mantras, stotra and Japam. According to Maharishi Parashar each planet has its own deity, and by chanting mantras and stotras of the respective deity one can come over various problems in life. Remedies are selected on the nature of rashi. For example
Let us, now have a brief discussion of various astrological remedies –