Marriage Astrology Services

Know all about your marriage, future married life whether you are unmarried or married. Get complete professional astrological guidance about your married life. Get all your answers for your pertinent burning questions about marriage and married life.

Ask A Question on Marriage

Ask a specific Question about Love : If you have a single pertinent question about Love or Relationship issues and wish to know accurate and relevant answer for the same, then you should opt for ” Ask a Question service.” ( In this option even if you do not have your or your love interest birth details the answer for the same is determinable using ancient and Unique system of Horary Astrology method

Horoscope Matching Analysis Report

Are you fed up, tired and confused matching your charts for marriage , and still not sure whether the match is perfect or compatible?? Then you do not have to go no further as all your problems will be solved here, as this report is much more than just Gun Milan or Manglik Dosha. Find out the best compatible match for you and future life partner. Horoscope Matching Analysis Report

Love Prospects Report

Love Prospects Report is a report for individuals, who are determined and curious to know about their Love prospects ahead. This Report covers your prospects in the coming year in Love. If you are in love with some one then whether they are suitable for you or not will also be discussed. Love Prospects Report

Marriage Prospects Report for unmarried people

Marriage Prospects Report ( unmarried ) is a report for individuals, who are interested to know about their marriage prospects for getting married and when they will married. This report covers your marriage prospects for the coming year ahead. Please note even though the report covers one year, but the predictions as to when you will get married irrespective if you will marry in one year or not will be covered. Marriage Prospects Report

Marriage Prospects Report for married people

Marriage Prospects Report ( Married ) is a report for married people, who are interested to have insight about their married life in the coming one year ahead. All solutions to problems and issues will be given along with remedial solutions.

Marriage Report

This is the most comprehensive astrological report regarding marriage and married life. This report covers all aspects for people who are looking to get married or who are already married and wish to know about their future married life. This report covers all possible and pertinent questions about your marriage and married life. Marriage Report Service Additional and Special Features provided free of cost in this report ( For which other websites charge money) * Manglik Dosh and roles of Mars in your married life * Good dates to get married

Gem Consultancy Report for Marriage

It’s high time you stop worrying about delays in getting married or about problems present in your married life. This Report will suggest you the best and most suitable Gemstone(s) required to help you in overcoming the problems related to your marriage and married life. Gem Consultancy Report for Marriage

Life Predictions Report stressing on Marriage aspects

Marriage is one of the most important aspect of your life, but why stop on Marriage only , when you have a complete comprehensive report which is unmatched any where. Manjunath Guruji will analyze and check all aspects of your Horoscope and would prepare this report , which will not only cover Marriage and married life, but will also cover other life aspects such as Health, Traveling, Career, Finance, Property, Education etc.

Remedial Consultancy Report for Marriage and related issues

Do you have problems in your Marriage or relationships? Do you feel disheartened in Marriage ? Do you feel that you are not able to find the right match? Now there is no need to worry as this remedial report will cover and give you time tested and easy to follow remedial measures after a thorough analysis of your horoscope.

Best Pujas & Hawans for Marriage & Married Life issues

Solve and overcome your problems and obstacles present in your Marriage & Married Life. Get the Venus ( Shukra ) Puja performed . The Venus Puja is performed for appeasing Lord Venus ( Shukra ). Venus is a natural significator of Love Relationship & Marriage. Once this Puja is performed the person gets the desired help in their delays in getting married. If you are experiencing problems in married life, then Uma Maheshwari Puja is the best puja for you. This puja is performed for appeasing Lord Mahesh ( Lord Shiva ) and Goddess Uma ( Goddess Paravati ). This pujas helps in diluting the malefic effects present in your married life. Other related Homams are : Swayamvara Parvathy Homam , Ganapathy Homam

Yantras for improving your Marriage and Married Life

Very strong and Potent and effective Yantras for early marriage and improving married life are: Venus ( Shukra ) Yantra , Vashikaran Yantra Yantra , Ganesh Yantra